Impact measurement

Impact measurement

What’s the most effective way to change something? Get people to learn how to change it themselves. To drive change, we have developed various training courses based on our practical experience and research.

What we do

Measuring impact is never done in isolation at Copper8. Together with our client, our first step is always to investigate which ambitions they might have for achieving circularity and sustainability with(in) their organisation. Once ambitions are set, we create support in the organisation by organising sessions with multiple key stakeholders from different parts of the organisation. The ultimate end goal is the improvement of circular or sustainable results; measuring impact is just a tool to substantiate claims and show why or when x is better than y.


As a second step, we measure the effect of these ambitions on several impact categories (such as carbon emissions, land use, toxicity, but also social impacts). Measuring impact can be done at different levels of scale, for example for an entire sector, an organisation, a department, an event or at the level of a procurement process.

The final step is the monitoring of the goals set to achieve the ambitions from the first step. These goals are brought together in a reduction strategy. Finally, we provide the tools and advice to the organisation in such a way that they can monitor their progress themselves. Of course we can be involved in this trajectory by offering advice along the way, which we call our ‘helpdesk’ function.

Our experience

We hebben op verschillende niveaus en voor verschillende organisaties het traject ‘Sturen op impact’ doorlopen. Een aantal voorbeelden zijn:

  • Voor NOC-NSF en diverse Provincies hebben wij impactmetingen gedaan voor sportevenementen;
  • We hebben private ondernemingen zoals Sodexo en NorNorm geholpen met het in kaart brengen van hun impact, waarna het vertaald is naar een implementatieplan;
  • Voor diverse publieke organisaties zoals de Nationale Politie en Enexis hebben wij maatschappelijke impact en verbeterpotentieel in kaart gebracht;
  • Voor de Transitieagenda Consumptiegoederen ontwikkelen wij een tool voor de waardecreatie van circulaire consumptiegoederen.


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