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Circular procurement training

Our training is based on our practical experience combined with research. The circular procurement program teaches participants how to purchase circular products and services. The training is developed specifically for each client.

What we do

During the training, we focus on 3 main areas:

  1. Technical content: what do we mean by circularity? And when is a product really circular? The assessment of this is also covered.
  2. Process: how do you ask your suppliers for circularity? What collaboration should you enter for this? And how do you organize yourself internally?
  3. Finance: what financial arrangements should you make to secure circularity? How do you reward circular performance so that the interests of all parties are aligned?

We review all the aspects involved in circular procurement, from definitions to asking the right questions, choosing the right procurement processes and evaluating different criteria. We also deal with one of the most important components of circular procurement: new ways to collaborate, revenue models and how you can shape this together with your suppliers. It’s not only the knowledge, but the skills you learn that ensure the classes are applied in practice. The training is therefore strongly focused on personal development.

Our experience

In 2015, we decided to develop this training. We have since delivered it to the Expertisecentrum Aanbesteden (Expertise Centre of Procurement) of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (PIANOo) three times. Since then we have shortened the training for several audiences: we trained a delegation from the Baltic states, our ‘competing’ purchasing consulting firms, as well as making a tailored training for contractors on part of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

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