Circular Revenue Models: practical tools for entrepreneurs

on 25 September 2019

In recent years, Copper8 has had a growing focus on revenue models such as buy-back and lease constructions. Entrepreneurs are increasingly using these types of revenue models to stimulate circularity. However, when we applied the models, we noticed a gap between theory and practice.

So over the last year, we decided to understand the dynamic a bit better. Working with partners KPMG Sustainability and Kennedy van der Laan we had discussions with Dutch pioneers, including Mud Jeans, Bundles, Desko, Gispen, Interface, Signify and Auping. The aim of our research is to gain a better understanding of circular revenue models, and to share the resulting knowledge with other businesses who want to implement circular revenue models.

The first publication in this series is a guideline for entrepreneurs. In this publication, we discuss issues such as: which revenue models really lead to circular solutions? And what is the ultimate circular revenue model? This has led to the ‘Circular Revenue Models Ladder’, which illustrates the considerations for businesses.

The second publication in this series will be available soon. In the second publication, we look in more detail at the tax and accounting barriers that we encountered when applying circular revenue models in practice.

Want to know more about this research? You can contact one of our colleagues from Copper8: Cécile van Oppen, Marijn Polet or Sven van Aspert.

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