Circular Construction papers

on 04 June 2021

Developments in the field of circular construction are moving fast. More and more organisations want to want to start working on the theme, but are looking for concrete action perspectives. To offer this perspective, the Municipality of Amsterdam has taken the initiative to publish ten papers on various sub-topics related to circular construction.

These articles have been drafted with a broad team from Copper8 and Metabolic. The result is a brief summary of our accumulated knowledge over the past few years. With these articles we contribute to the circular economy strategy of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

In order to share the knowledge widely, these papers have been made publicly available through the OpenResearch environment of the Municipality of Amsterdam. The English version is available to make the knowledge accessible to interested parties from other countries.

Ten papers

These ten papers discuss, among other things, circular design, the use of biobased materials and circular revenue models. The papers can be downloaded via the links below:

  1. Circular design of buildings
  2. Environmental impact of building materials
  3. Building with recycled building materials
  4. Materials passports
  5. Circulare Revenue Models
  6. Using timber in construction
  7. Biobased Renovation
  8. Circular Demolition
  9. Circular building hubs
  10. Digitization within the circular built environment

Contribution to knowledge development

We experience that more and more people and organisations want to get started with circular construction. By making these articles about circular construction more widely available, we aim to contribute to knowledge sharing and thereby help accelerate the transition to a circular  economy in the construction sector. Feel free to share the papers yourself with your own network. Do you want to know more about one of the topics? Please contact colleague Sybren.

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