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Circular purchasing and procurement

Procurement is a powerful tool for developing sustainability and circularity. One of our areas of expertise is therefore guiding procurement that enables the achievement of big ambitions.

What we do

We begin by mapping the functional requirements, ambitions and scope of a project. We then test and enrich the project’s ambitions with those of the market – this is how we involve market players in thinking along with us at an early stage of the task. We then give shape to the procurement procedure, by supporting the preparation of the selection and awarding documents, and by developing an appropriate assessment methodology – all in line with the client’s question and the principles of the circular economy. If necessary, we also help develop methods for measuring circularity. We pay attention to the collaboration between disciplines and the guarantee through appropriate revenue models.

Our experience

Since 2008, our advisors have been working on the subject of circular economics, and therefore putting technical circular thought into practice. From our position as pioneer, we have gained valuable experience in shaping (European) tenders for (semi-)public organizations and in managing procurement projects for commercial organizations. We are frequently asked to speak about circular procurement, and we work closely with the Dutch government to further develop the circular economy in the Netherlands. We also provide training on circular purchasing; in 2017, we are training the Expertisecentrum Aanbesteden (Expertise Centre of Procurements) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (PIANOo) for the second time.

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