Circular purchasing and procurement

Circular purchasing and procurement

Procurement is a powerful tool for developing sustainability and circularity. One of our areas of expertise is supervising procurement processes and tenders with high ambitions.

What we do

We first map out the functional requirements, ambitions and scope of the project, which we then test and enrich with the aims of the market. At this early stage, we allow market parties to contribute ideas about the project, which will benefit the result.

Next, we design the tendering procedure, which includes supporting the preparation of the selection and award documents and an assessment methodology.

Finally, we develop methods to measure circularity. We pay attention to the collaboration between disciplines and to securing the project through appropriate revenue models.

Our experience

Since 2008, we have been putting the technical idea of circularity into practice. For example, we have gained a lot of experience in designing (EU) tenders for (semi-)public organizations and in guiding tenders for private parties.

We have become sought-after speakers for circular procurement and tendering. We work closely with the national government to further promote the circular economy in the Netherlands, and we provide their Circular Procurement training. In 2019-2020 we have been asked for the fourth consecutive year by PIANOo (the Dutch tendering expertise center) to teach the Circular Procurement course to approximately 60 participants who work for Tendering authorities.

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