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Support for sustainability and circular economy projects

Copper8 likes to support projects with high ambitions. We do this using our content-related knowledge and our systems approach. We organise collaborations between all the parties needed to fulfil the project’s ambitions.

What we do

We start by creating an overview of all the stakeholders involved and how they can be connected. We then look at the underlying business and revenue models. The goal is to combine our knowledge of the circular economy with the way we facilitate collaboration between parties in a way that ensures that knowledge is applied. Copper8 then supports the selection of the right parties and further shapes the collaboration. This means setting technical content goals, making good process agreements, calculating risk and profit-sharing rates and drafting the contract. At their core, our circular projects are always repeatable and/or scalable. Financially speaking, every party involved must move forward and there must be a gross sustainability profit.

Our experience

One of the projects we have been involved in is the Fair Meter. We had a leading role in organising the Green Deal Fair Meter, the subsequent procurement and the development of circular revenue models within this process. In various projects in the construction industry, we have been the driving force and organiser of collaborations that led to iconic circular projects. In addition, Cécile van Oppen wrote the book Circular Business: Collaborate and Circulate, in which she goes deeper into the method and the philosophy behind our approach.

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