Circular construction

Circular construction

Copper8 likes to support ambitious construction projects. We take on the ambitions, organize collaborations, develop financial models and explore circular solutions with design teams.

What we do

We prefer to be involved in the client’s request from the very beginning. This enables us to formulate the ambitions together, select market parties and stimulate collaboration. And, ideally, we secure the ambitions in a financial model right away.

We also explore circular solutions with design teams, by proposing alternatives from a circular perspective.

Our starting point for circular construction projects is always that they must be reproducible and scalable. Every party involved must make financial progress, and there must be an overall sustainability gain.

Our experience

We were involved in the first circular housing project in the Netherlands: Stadstuin Overtoom. Since then, we have supervised various iconic construction projects, including Alliander Duiven, Alliander Bellevue, the circular RHDHV office in Amsterdam, the Nutrition Center (Voedingscentrum in Dutch) and QO Hotel in Amsterdam.

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